November 05

Visiting HNA-J assisted schools in Kavre & Dhading district to assess the earthquake effect. Name of the schools we visited are :
Baghbhairab primary school, Ranikot
Fulchoki lower secondary, kushadevi 6
Kapoor Mahankal primary, padagaun
Ladkeswor lower secondary, kolbhanjyang, Balthali
Shree Mahankal primary, chinne, shyampati
Basaha Mandali primary, Dhola
Baljyoti primary, pursu tinghare
Kalikadevi primary, fale, Nalang
Chandeswori primary, Bishaltar Benighat



Upcoming Plan of HNA

HNA always  stand by to help the helpless children of remote villages. Now we are working together with Help Nepal association Japan, a nonprofit organization & Help Nepal association in coordination.


In April 25(2015)7.8 magnitude earthquake brought devastation across much of nepal, Due to this massive disaster many parts of school building are badly damaged,Children are not able to study in school building, they are studying in TLC(Temporary learning Centre). Most of school building are leveled as red sticker. So,for upcoming program we are planning to renovation of two school (4 room/3 room) building which are effecting by earthquake of kavre and dhading district are:

  1. Baghbhairab primary school, Ranikot,Kavre (Work In Progress )

HNA and District education office of Kavre, district have jointly decided to undertake the project of 4 class rooms to be erected in the designed way in the year 2016, we are looking for the donations, we would request our well-wishers for their generosity.


  1. Chandrodaya Primary School, Bishaltar, Benighat, Dhading
    HNA has decided to repair the 3 roomed class room block that was built by HNA in 1999, now has been damaged by the Gorkha Earthquake. This work would be done in the year 2016. The students are taking classes in TLC (Temporary learning Center) due to the red stickered block. We hope this could be possible with the help we can collect.


Visiting HNA -J assisted schools in Kavre ,& Dhading district to assess the earthquake effect . Name of the schools we visited are :
Baghbhairab primary school , Ranikot

Fulchoki lower secondary, kushaddvi 6

Kapoor Mahankal primary, padagaun

Ladkeswor lower secondary , kolbhanjyang

Shree Mahankal primary , chinne, shyampati

Basaha Mandali primary , Dhola

Baljyoti primary , pursu tinghare

Kalikadevi primary , fale, Nalang

Chandeswori primary , Bishaltar Benighat


Help Nepal Association Hands Over New Block Of 4 Room Of Baghbhairab Primary School at Ranikot Kavre District


Plan Holidays Travel & Tours (P) promotes the activities of HNA. PH would request our friends to donate HNA. You can glorify your name with the help, we are putting names of helper in the metal or stone sculptures which would stay longer.
Our guides who led the Trekking groups to the different part of country have seen many schools that are torn down, some of them do not have proper walls, roofs, windows & doors. We have felt it is necessary to help these schools. Each year ever since it was founded, we have built new &renovated more than 20 schools so far in difference part of the country. Plan Holidays Travel & Tours is the back bone of the HNA.

We encourage our tourists /trekkers who visit Nepal through Plan Holidays to donate to HNA projects, as HNA selects really needy projects, & you can feel that your help has really reached to poor people. We have executive committee formed by election in general assembly in each 3 years. HNA has maintained the official renewal each year with the registered chartered accountants financial report. Executive committee will be held responsible for the job.

Name of the schools built so far

Nepal National Primary School,Saguntole, Chitwan

Nanda Jyoti Primary School, near Nagarkot, Kavre

Chandrodaya Primary School, Bishaltar,Benighat, Dhading

Parbati Primary School, Chitwan

Archalbot Primary school ,Archalbot, Pumdi Bhumdi, Pokhara

Ladkeswor Primary School, Kolbhanjyang, Balthali, Kavre

KapurMahankal Primary School ,Dandagaon , Kavre

Mahankal Primary school,Chinne, Shyampati, Kavre

Ganesh Kalika lower secondary,Sankhupatichaur VDC, Kavre

Fulchoki Lower Secondary school, Fulchoki, Kavre

Nanda Devi Primary school,Nalang, Dhading

Sirjana Primary school,Syangja

Maheswori High School,Ryalechaur, Pumdi, Kaski


Help Nepal Association


Help Nepal association is a non-government organization founded by group of like-minded people in 1997 Feb24th, with an objective of helping helpless children of Nepal, specially residing in countryside of Nepal in primary education aspect. This NGO has been run by Plan Holidays Travel & Tours initiatives.

Nepal is under developing country where government resources are not adequate in many sectors of development. Primary educations sector in Nepal are really lacked behind as they are not well equipped by primary physical requirements like physical building, Chairs, Table, Library & so on.

1166The main objective of this organization is to help the helpless children of remote villages of Nepal. In the beginning, we wanted to help few number of children who were poor, & from socially & economically backward community. While visiting a school in 1997 in sagunTole, Chitwan ( National Primary School, Padampur, later Saguntole) we saw the bad state of the school where there were no proper building, children were in the temporary learning center ( in a domestic hut ) , we were asked to find the help for  building as concrete block . We approached one of our guest, later became very good friend, Mr Toshiho Tanaka from Japan who was very generous to collect some money, he could arrange some money with that money we erected 2 roomed block, that how HNA 1st project started. In subsequent years we built 01 school in 01 year at least, so far we have been able to build more than 20 primary schools in Nepal. Now we are working together with Help Nepal association Japan, a nonprofit organization & Help Nepal association in coordination.