India is the seventh largest country in the world. It covers about 3,287 thousand sq kms. Approx the same area at the whole of Europe. This is the largest democracy in the world. India occupies a strategic position in Asia, looking across the seas to Arabia and Africa on the West and to Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesian Archipelago on the east.

Geographically the Himalayan range keeps India apart from the rest of Asia. India has been changing and re-shaping itself for as long as anywhere on earth, forever producing new forms of culture and absorbing new influences. India tour offers a variety of tour packages to its lovers with diverse landscapes and ethnic groups, a rich history; India is an intoxicating cultural experience for any traveler and a real feast for the senses! From the fertile Himalayan foothills and the regal palaces of legendary Rajasthan, to the steps of the magnificent marble Taj Mahal and the palm fringed beaches of Goa, India will enchant and captivate even the most seasoned traveler. Visiting the subcontinent, you’ll see spectacular carved temples and gleaming marble palaces, lonely Himalayan lamaseries and far-flung dusty villages where council meetings are held under the shade of a banyan tree, plodding camels, holy cows, snake charmers and wild-haired sadhus: you’ll also find a dynamic state racing into the twenty-first century. The boundaries of modern India, fixed some fifty years ago, are merely the latest in a four-thousand-year sequence of redefinitions that have produced one of the most heterogeneous societies in the world.

The best Indian itineraries are the simplest. To imagine that there is some set list of places you must go, or things you must see, is a sure way to make your trip self-defeating. You couldn’t see everything in one expedition, even if you spent a year trying. Far better then, to concentrate on one or two specific regions, and above all, to be flexible. Although it requires a deliberate change of pace to venture away from the cities, rural India has its own very distinct pleasures. The sights, sounds, and scenery of India are unique and amazing with grandiose temples, lush paddy fields and stunning beaches. In the north, Shrub-land and desert create a sublime backdrop and a visit to the ‘Golden Triangle’ (Delhi/Agra/Jaipur/Delhi) will take your breath away. It is divided into 26 states and 6 union territories, and has 17 major languages with 844 dialects, making this country and its people culturally diverse.

Sikkim, Darjeeling, Gangtok called the ‘Queen of Hills’ of the India. In a limited period of time you can visit most places of interest, the scenic beauty, the flora

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