Nepal Royal Kumari Tour

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Nepal Royal Kumari Tour

Nepal Royal Kumari Tour is a 2 weeks special program that combines centuries old culture festivities of Kathmandu valley with the most important tourist destinations of Nepal, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur(Patan), Chitwan, Pokhara & stunning views of the Annapurna massif. At the beginning of the trip, you will go to Pokhara & Chitwan to enjoy the scenes of the mountains-Himalayas along with the countryside life. Riding on the elephant back in Chitwan to go the Jungle to sight the wild lives. You can see the rarely seen species on earth- One Horned Rhino, sloth bear, Leopard, Royal Bengal Tiger (if you are lucky) & many monkeys & birds.In the second part of the trip you will be concentrated in Kathmandu City to enjoy the 8th day long festival. Indra Jatra festival belived to have started since Lichhavi period (5-14 Century AD). It was believed that somehow Indra landed in Kathmandu in search of flower Parijat for his mother Dakine Devi as it was not possible in Heaven. He disguised himself & appeared in a garden, the owner of the garden was a tantric man who recognized him, then was able to tie him with his Tantric power. Her mother heard that he was caught by people; she later had to contract with the Local people, later all the gods & people celebrate this day. Later in Malla period (15-17 Century) malla King added some part in the festivities like taking the Living Goddess Kumari , Living God Bhairav& Living God Ganesh to go around the old city along with the procession with the people on same Chariot. Later Prithivi Narayan Shah, at Shah Dynasty (18-1950) added 4 more days to make the procession festivities to last for 8 days, earliest it used to be 4 days.

Nepal Royal Kumari Tour
Nepal has full of festivals, Nepal is known to be country of as many number of festivals as many numbers of days in the year. Indra Jatra is one of the major festival that attracts many local people along with the foreigners it is the best way to mingle with the culture & festivities. Kumari, the Living Goddess,the young goddess of world famous one who protects the Kathmandu valley, would come out of her Royal seat ( Kumari Ghar). Only 3-5 days in a year she is taken out to the thoroughfares of Kathmandu. You would feel lucky to be walking along with the living goddess around Kathmandu streets. You will enjoy the festival like locals, you will be watching the pujas (the religious prayer), the rituals & the classic dances, then walk with the Chariot to the Kathmandu old streets.

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 02: Full day sightseeing tours in Kathmandu Valley
Day 03: Kathmandu-Chitwan
Day 04: Today, you will be kept busy on jungle safari activities
Day 05: Chitwan-Pokhara
Day 06: Drive to Kathmandu.
Day 07: Kathmandu IndraJatra Festival Beginning Day
Day 08: Kathmandu IndraJatra second day
Day 09: Kathmandu IndraJatra third day
Day 10: Kathmandu IndraJatra fourth Day
Day 11: Kathmandu IndraJatra Fifth Day
Day 12: Kathmandu IndraJatra sixth Day
Day 13: Kathmandu IndraJatra seventh day
Day 14: Kathmandu IndraJatra eighth day festival
Day 15: Departure

7 Sep 16 Day01: Arrival in Kathmandu.
Transfer to hotel. Afternoon visit to Swayambhunath Stupa. Swayambhunath Stupa, dedicated to Buddhism is situated in a hillock 80 m above the ground level and is claimed to be 2000 years old. There are numerous Buddhist monasteries (Gumba) around. The view of the valley is spectacular from here.

Overnight hotel in Kathmandu.

8 Sep 16 Day02: Full day sightseeing tours in Kathmandu Valley. B
You will visit PashupatiNath Temple, the holiest Hindu Temple that draws devotees from all over Nepal and India. This temple is situated on the bank of Bagmati River, which is considered as holy as Ganges. Cremation goes throughout the days and nights on the bank of Bagmati River. Then, you will drive to BoudhaNath Stupa, the biggest stupa in the world. This is one of the World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu Valley. From here, you will drive to Bhaktapur, one of the three principalities of medieval Kathmandu. Bhaktapur, the youngest city in the valley has preserved its ancient look and originality. You would love to see the “Golden Gate” of the “Palace of 55 Windows”. There are temples with intricate woodcarving, houses with different kinds of windows and balconies, stone sculptured water tanks, monastic complexes etc. From here, you will go to Patan, another medieval Malla principality near to Kathmandu. Here, you will visit the main courtyard of Malla palace, which is adorned with intricate woodcarvings. In front of the palace stands famous Krishna Temple of 17th century, replica of Viswanath Temple, Jagan Narayan Temple etc. You will also visit HiranyavarnaMahavihar (Golden Temple), a 14th century Buddhist Monastery that is the center of rites and rituals of Newari Buddhist of Patan. In the evening, you will drive back to Kathmandu. Overnight hotel.

9 Sep 16 Day03: Kathmandu- Chitwan B/L/D
After breakfast, you will take a scenic drive 4-5 hrs, along Trishuli River to Chitwan National Park, in lowland of Nepal. After lunch in jungle camp, you will be escorted for a short walk tour to the village and Park Information Center. In the evening, you would like to walk along the riverbank and enjoy the romantic sunset view. There will be slides presentation or briefing on wildlife by expert naturalist. Dinner and overnight in bungalow.

10 Sep 16 Day04: Today, you will be kept busy on jungle safari activities. B/L/D

Nepal Royal Kumari Tour
After breakfast, you will go for a canoe trip to explore the aquatic life of Chitwan National Park. You will have opportunity to see some rare aquatic bird life of the park. After conclusion of the canoe ride, you will be picked by the riverside and transferred to hotel or you can go to search wildlife on foot in the forest of Park. This is quite adventurous trip. You will walk back to camp for lunch. In the afternoon, you will enjoy the Elephant Back Safari. The elephant takes you inside the dense forest and grassland in search of Great Asian One-horned Rhinoceros, Leopard, Sloth Beer, deer, monkeys, wild boar and 460 different species of birds. Royal Bengal Tiger, being territorial and nocturnal in behavior, will normally not appear during the day, but sometime your luck can do wonders and you can have an unforgettable sight of the king of the forest. After a ride of more than one hour, you will come back to the camp. In the evening, there will be Tharu Tribal Dance performed. Dinner and overnight bungalow.

11 Sep 16 Day05: Chitwan-Pokhara B
In the morning, you will go for a refreshing morning walk in the neighboring forest with binoculars in order to view some birds of the park. After breakfast, you will drive to Pokhara. Pokhara valley is the second largest tourist attraction after Kathmandu and regarded as one of the most beautiful place in Nepal. Polution free and less crowded, Pokhra has a lot to offer to the visitors. In the afternoon, you will stroll along the lakeside and enjoy boating in Phewa Lake. The reflection of Fishtail on the tranquil surface of Phewa Lake is an unforgettable sight. Overnight hotel in Pokhara.

12 Sep 16 Day 06: Drive to Kathmandu. B
In the morning, you will go for a sunrise tour to Sarangkot from where you will have splendid view of Annapurna massif, Machhpuhhre, Dhulagiri and other mountains. You will drive back or walk down to Pokhara. After lunch, you will visit Mahendra Cave, a unique geographical creation, Davis Fall, Bindhevasini Temple etc. Overnight hotel.

Afternoon free for shopping. Overnight hotel in Kathmandu.

13 Sep 16 Day07: Kathmandu IndraJatra Festival Beginning Day
The first day of IndraJatra festival

  • Indradhoj would be erected today at Durbar square. It is a wooden pole 35 feet long. There will be brief celebration puja by the priest. A miniature golden Idol of Indra riding on Elephant will be put on the bottom of the Pole after religious ceremonies. Policeman guards the pole for 8 days for 34 hours .
  • An idol of Indra with his outstretched hands are tied on the 20 feet high on the wooden platform in MaruTole, near Maru Ganesh Temple .
  • A huge Terrifying mask, of Sky Bhairav is displayed to public for offering at Layakuli & it is kept for 8 days.
  • In Indrachowk , white Bhairav ( swetBhairav) is displayed to public for offering.
  • Lakhe, Pulukishi, and Sawa-bhaku dancers start off their performances at Layakuli on the first days to register their attendance to Goddess Taleju, and continue their performances at other places for eight days. Buddhists go making offerings of oil lamps to the deities in the names of their deceased loved ones in the areas of old Kathmandu in the evening. This is called upakuonegu. About ten-feet high almost triangular-shape wooden stand with a number of slots for holding oil lamp are set at Marutole. In the evening oil lamps are set in the slots for eight nights.
  • Pancha Buddha dance is performed at Layakuli, and other main squares.
  • Shadow images of ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu are shown at the temple of Lord Narayan at Marutole every night during the IndraJatra festival.
  • Ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu are 1) Matsya or fish 2) Kurma or tortoise, 3) Varaha or boar, 4) Nrishimha or man-lion, 5) Vamana or dwarf, 6) Parasuram, 7 Ram Chandra, 8) Krishna, 9) Buddha (Buddhists oppose it), and 10) Kalki Avatar

14 Sep 16 Day08 : Kathmandu IndraJatra second day
About 8 o clock it starts in the MaruTole.

  • Performances of dances of Lakhe, Pulukishi, and Sawa-bhaku are continued starting in the afternoon, and ending in the night.
  • Devotees make offerings to AkashBhairab at Layakuli, and SwetBhairab, and Indra at Marutole throughout the day.

15 Sep16 Day09: Kathmandu IndraJatra third day

Nepal Royal Kumari Tour
Kumari, Living Goddess, comes out in the Chariot

  • The first day of the festival of pulling of chariots of Living Goddess Kumari, Living God Ganesh, and Living God BatukaBhairab. The chariot of Kumari is a three-storey high, built in the shape of a Sriyantra: the most auspicious symbol. The chariots of Ganesh and BatukBhairab are single storey high. In the afternoon, all three living deities are placed on their respective chariot. The head of state makes offering to the three deities before starting the festival of pulling the chariots. Chariot of Ganesh leads the chariot of BatukBhairava, and then of the Kumari to the south-side of old Kathmandu, and then back to Layakuli.
  • Performers of Lakhe, Pulukishi, and Sawa-bhaku dances go ahead of the chariots performing dances on the way.
  • In the night, Da-gi (Indra mother) goes around looking for her son Indra that had come to earth to pick a flower called ‘parijat’ for his mother da-gi. Sons and spouses of the deceased during the year follow Da-gi hoping to go to the heaven with Da-gi to meet their loved ones.
  • A series of oil lamps set on bamboos called bau-mata is taken around the town following the route of da-gi apparently for giving the light to da-gi on her way.

16 Sep 16 Day10: KathanduIndraJatra fourth Day
Enjoy Festival around Kathmandu Durbar Square.

  • The three living deities on their respective chariot travel to the northern part of the old Kathmandu, and back to Layakuli in the evening. Performing Lakhe, Pulukishi, and Sava-bhaku lead the way of the three chariots. Making offerings to the deities on display continues.
  • People make offerings to Indra in an oil lamp called dal-lu in the evening, and appreciate the god for making the rains given for rice plantation, and then ask the god to stop the rains as no more rains are required for the rice crops; after the worshiping, devotees feast on samayabaji: the god-blessed food comprising flattened and puffed rice, grilled meat (chyoala), roasted black soybeans, and pieces of ginger, eggs and drink home-made rice beer called thon.

17 Sep 16 Day11: Kathmandu IndraJatra Fifth Day


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Enjoy the Festival in Indrachok & in Hanuman Dhoka Palace area.

  • Performances of Lakhe, and Pulukishi dances continue in the night starting in the afternoon. Deities on display at Layakuli, Indrachok and Marutole continue receiving offerings from the devotees throughout the day and late night.

18 Sep 16 Day12: Kathmandu IndraJatra sixth Day
Enjoy the procession & dancers.

  • Lakhe and Pulukishi dances continue.
  • Devotees visit the deities on display

19 Sep 16 Day13: Kathmandu IndraJatra seventh day
Enjoy the procession & dancers.

  1. Lakhe and Pulukishi dances continue.
  2. Devotees visit the deities on display

20 Sep 16 Day14: Kathmandu IndraJatra eighth day fistival
Enjoy the festivities in Kilagal & around.

  • Chariots of Kumari, Ganesh and BatukBhairava are pulled to Kilagal and then back to Layakuli. Lakhe and Pulukishi dancers perform ahead of the chariots.
  • The head of state receives ‘tika’ blessing from the Living Goddess Kumari at the Kumari House as a mandate to govern the State for a year.
  • All the deities on display go to their respective shrine.
  • The golden Indra set at the foot of the Indradhoj on the first day of the festival is taken for safekeeping.
  • The Indradhoj is pulled down and the pole is dragged to the bank of Vishnumati River, and burned it down there.

21 Sep 16 Day 15 : Departure
Transfer to the Airport for Departure. You will fly back with memories. we trade with you goodbye. You will again visit Nepal.

Includes :

  • Accommodations in 4 star hotel in Kathmandu on bed & breakfast basis
  • All Sightseeing as on itinerary
  • English speaking local guide
  • All entrance fees of the monuments
  • National park fees
  • All transportation by a private car
  • 2nights -3 days Jungle package in Chitwan with full bard with local naturist

Does not include:

  • Meals other than mentioned above
  • 2 times National park entrances
  • Internal & International flights
  • Visa fees All kind of insurances