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Plan Holidays is a destination management company based in Nepal. Established in 1998 by travel professionals with decades of experience, Plan Holidays leads the tourism industry in countries such as Nepal, India, Tibet, and Bhutan. We believe in working as a well-organized and responsible tourism company in order to provide a travel experience that is out of this world.

Clients Reviews

Management was very good to us and were very accommodating each step of the way Rosemary,Chandler USA  
Andrew N.Lu USA
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Plan Holidays is versatile. So good great porters and guides.
Sarah Peterson Langley BC,Canada
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The Management and Service of plan holidays company was extremely Good. Eanch and Every Step we find very good services.
Jane (yevgeniya) Ortenberg USA
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” Thank you Kala Dhar Baral for planning such an amazing adventure. You and your staff made our trip to
Kristin Brooks Donnelly’s United states
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“Nice Trip to Nepal”, Hotels, staff and Guide are excellent.
Vincent Bonnie USA
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