Pharping village

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Next to Daksinkali Temple, there is a Pharping village in the foothill of the mountains. Pharping is an ancient renowned city located 19Km south of Kathmandu. It was recognized as a state the time of when Kathmandu valley was a lake. It is a prosperous and well known an ancient traditional of Newari village.  It was popular with the name “Shikharapuri Mahanagari (Metropolitan City)” which was recognized as an independent state with 48000 people in ancient time. So “Shikharapur” is an ancient name of Pharping village. Shikharapur was independent Newari State when Gopaleshowr Temple was in the middle of Pharping.  En route you’ll pass the pond at Taudaha, allegedly home to the nagas released from the kathmandu lake. It is a thriving Newari town who’s ancient Buddhist pilgrimage sites have been taken over by large numbers of Tibetans. This village is famous for religious site for Hinduism and Buddhism because of it has many sacred sites such as Guru Padmasambhava has got enlightened at Asur Cave, Gorakhnath and Shesnarayan Cave. There are numerous monasteries as well. Pharping also has several monasteries, temples and retreat centres, including Chatral Rinpoche’s monastery, and the Palyul Retreat Centre, which is the residence of Khenpo Namdrol Rinpoche and home to the Rigpa Shedra. Pharping is famous for 1st Hydropower Station, Chandra Jyoti Griha. It was the Nepal’s First and Asia’s 2nd Hydropower Station.  Visit the Pharping is to join other pilgrims on the clock-wise pilgrimage circuit (parikrama in Nepalese, kora in Tibetan) is the best way. This place has mixed demography which includes Newar, Brahmin, Chhetri, Tamang, Magar, Rai, Gurung, so called Dalit etc. Pharping consist of typical Newari village. Newari Language, culture, history are model for this whole village. Pharping has green forest at upland, resident area in middle and agriculture land in lowland. It is considered as a History of Village.