Prince Harry, Nepal Visit

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Prince Harry makes First Visit to Nepal

The Britain Prince Harry makes first visit to Nepal on 19 march 2016, fourth in line to the British throne, landed in Kathmandu for a five -day visit at a time When both countries are celebrating 200 years of diplomatic relations. The prince will meet people affected by the quakes and take stock of efforts to reconstruct and restore heritage sites. Besides official engagements, Prince Harry Enjoy a jungle safari watching sunrise, hiking and rafting – adventure activities that draw tourists from across the globe to this impoverished Himalayan nation. He visited Bardiya and Banke national parks, which form the largest tiger conservation area in Asia, rafting on Kauraha River and trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas too are part of his itinerary. He also meets British Gurkha veterans and their families. The prince’s official tour came to an end with a visit to the burn unit of a children’s hospital in Kathmandu, but he extend his trip by six days to help rebuild a village school damaged during last year’s earthquake. He also delivered an impassioned speech during the opening of the Nepal Girl Summit, where he championed women’s rights and helping to overcome the “many obstacles between girls and the opportunities they deserve.”

Prince Harry stays with a local family instead of a five star hotel or at consulates or embassies. He is also conscious that, almost a year on from the first disaster, keen to welcome back visitors. And whether trekking against a Himalayan backdrop, or rafting in a National Park, Prince Harry experiences the Nepal’s natural beauty and the warm welcome of its people. According to NTB, income generated from tourism-related activities is one of the mainstays of Nepal’s GDP, but the earthquakes in April and May that killed nearly 9,000 have had a negative impact on tourist footfalls. Prince Harry said during a reception hosted by Nepal government “I want to show all those people around the world who want to help that this is a country which is once again very much open for business, so please come and visit again. So his visit in Nepal is fruitful for us, which help to promote in tourism sector. After completing 6 days extending time he return back to his home country with lots of good memory and blessing of Nepali people.